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Brendon Ryan

Brendon Ryan, co-founder and site manager of Staypro Construction Inc.   

Meet the guy I like to call Boss Man Bing! When asked what his favourite thing about owning the company was he answered, "I get to work with people that are good 50% of the time, and great the other half" His favourite part about building a house: "There can be no favourite part about building a house, but I guess in the end because our houses are going to stand so long, you can always come back and view your work."


Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan, co-founder and project manager of Staypro Construction Inc.  

What is Patrick's favourite thing about owning the company? "I enjoy what I do".
And his favourite thing to frame on a house? "The roof".
When asked about what his framer nickname would be, Patrick suggested "Monkey Man" because everyone comments on his ability to move so easily and quickly through the houses.


Jessica Ryan

Jessica Ryan, office administrator and team member of Staypro Construction Inc. Jessica's favourite thing about working with this company, "the crews are really inclusive, everyone helps everyone. Starting this job knowing very little about building houses I have learned a lot, not just from Brendon and Patrick, but the other guys as well, they make the job a lot of fun!" 

Team Members



Team member

Carter joined us most recently and has been accepted into an apprenticeship program through the College of Trades. When asked what he hopes to learn through working with Staypro Construction Carter answered: "I hope to learn all the tricks of the trade and how to build a solid and awesome looking house start to finish".

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